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Getting into the gym was easy. I’d pulled an extra set of keys out of the custodians office yesterday.

Navigating the back door was a little bit trickier. It was old and loud. I let it touch silently, without actually closing it. It was an exposed entrance, but it was right next to the bleachers. I slipped under them.

On the far end, I saw two teachers, a custodian and a fireman, all hunched in the middle, like that was the normal place to assess the situation.

The fire was a trash can that charred the paint, black on the wall in little swooshes. The scale, I’m guessing, left the fireman feeling a little deflated.

I moved for a closer view. And then, the big yellow fireman moved, and I saw him.

Mr. Vadner.

The assistant principal.

The overhead gym lights cast shadows on his face like a devil.

I was too far away to hear what they were saying. I was about to move closer when I heard a loud click echo behind me. The kind of click that comes from a gym door shutting and then echoing through an empty gym.

I didn’t look at the noise. But I knew who it was. All five other heads snapped in Gil’s direction.

“Mr Former,” Vadner called out, his voice echoing. He walked quickly to Gil. Under the bleachers, I could see him, just standing there, frozen next to the door.

Vadner marched over to him, covering the distance in a surprisingly short amount of time. He was now standing directly over Gil.

“We found this,” he said holding up a brown sack lunch. 

My brown sack lunch. 

I knew I’d left that somewhere…

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