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The Erin Reed Trilogy

Book 1

Coming 2020

Book 2

Coming 2020

Book 3

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A decade before the events of The Golden Chair, Erin was working on a career-breaking investigative journalism piece. She’d finally convinced a key source, reclusive and secretive, to go on record. 

Until things go horribly wrong… 

What started as a fact-finding mission turns into a desperate attempt to stay alive.

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Book 1 in the Erin Reed trilogy

Digging up the past can be dangerous… Especially when others have gone to great lengths to cover it up.


Central Ghana, under the largest manmade lake in the world, there’s a secret.

And rumors of this secret are starting to spread.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the world, Erin Reed has left journalism. Her mother, a journalist, died a quarter of a century before, while working on a story about corruption. Then, nearly a decade ago, Erin was nearly killed trying to finish that same story.

But now, when these rumors begin to surface, the details sound an awful lot like the circumstances surrounding her mother’s mysterious death, and Erin is pulled back into the world she left.

As Erin races to find answers, she uncovers a conspiracy that goes deeper than just her mother’s death…

…a conspiracy that may claim her own life before it’s over.


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I loved this book. The heroine was a believable character. I really liked the characters that surrounded her. The plot was well crafted. I like to see in my lead characters, in this case, Erin Reed, that have principles and stick to their guns. There is a surprise ending which creates more suspense and leaves me wanting more.” – Jim L. 5-Stars on GoodReads

Book 2 in the Erin Reed trilogy

Erin investigates the conspiracy her father is involved in…

Ben has a secret…

And Jonah Lennox has a plan that forces Erin and Ben to team up with him…

The mysterious golden chair was only the beginning of something much more sinister, and bigger.

Coming Summer 2020

Book 3 in the Erin Reed trilogy


The final installment in the Erin Read trilogy.

Coming Fall 2020

What readers are calling 

“action-packed mysteries” with “twists you didn’t see coming”

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